Katrin Rustici

Realtor® & Modernism aficionado
CalBRE #01933954

I GREW UP near Hannover in Germany, but escaped the cold and moved to Italy after high school to attend university and 

learn how to be Italian. Besides earning a Masters Degree in International Communications, I got pretty damn good in talking with my hands, wearing high heels, opening wine bottles and cooking Pasta.


THE BAY AREA has been my home since 2003 and I consider myself a true Berkeleyan - Birkenstocks included.

I love the cultural diversity and inspirational mix of backgrounds. And that avocado season lasts 365 days a year.

Hard to imagine myself being anywhere else... I live on the woodsy side of the Berkeley Hills looking out on Tilden Park with

my musician husband and pot-and-pan-drumming son.


I FEEL EXTREMELY LUCKY to do what I love as a profession - Real Estate is always changing, always challenging and

always inspiring. It allows me to see beautiful houses and meet wonderful people - who allow me to have a peek into their lives and help them navigate through one of the most important transitions: Changing Habitat.


BEFORE BECOMING A REALTOR, I worked as a translator, restaurant manager, fashion model, interior decorator and

domestic engineer. Modern and Mid-Century Architecture and Design are  MY PASSION.

I love cooking Italian meals for friends and family, knitting soft Baby Alpaca sweaters (Continental style), re-designing

and fixing my house, listening to Jazz and going on long walks on Nimitz Way to watch the sun setting over the Bay.

No Scandinavian mystery novel is too thick, no ice-cream cone to large and no STAR TREK Marathon too long, IN MY OPINION.


Are we a good fit?

I am so much looking forward to meeting you!